Vangardion - Vangardion (2023)

"Vangardion" is a combination of the words "Vanguard" and "Accordion." With this, the band symbolises the accordion's undiscovered possibilities in Symphonic Rock. On forceful guitar riffs, fierce drum beats, and symphonic accordion mixes, energetic instrumental solos spanning from Balkan to Irish Folk float with epic vocal melodies.

Matthias Matzke, a repeated first-prize winner in international accordion contests, has established himself not only as a master of astonishing finger gymnastics but also as a pioneer of the digital accordion. Vangardion performs as a quartet and sounds like a rock band with a massive orchestra.

The album "Vangardion" is upbeat and energetic. The words of the song focus on human development and self-discovery while avoiding a philosophical or moralising tone. Matthias Matzke finds inspiration and power in musically capturing and digesting feelings and thoughts from daily life. The band performs as a quartet and sounds like a rock band with a massive orchestra.

The album will be released on November the 26th and it's comprised of 11 songs for almost 1 hour of music. "El Dorado" starts the journey with an ethnic mood. I really like the contrast between the accordion and the heavy drums on this track. The song is very enjoyable and this is definitely a good opener, very enjoyable and with good melodies. Heavier and more complex is "Symphony of Darkness" while "The Maverick" features amazing vocals and it reminds me of a project I love, The Gentle Storm (Lucassen and Van Giersbergen). "Over the Hills and Far Away" has some great drums and accordion patterns and a super catchy pre-chorus and chorus. This is probably my favourite track of the album, with a great solo section too and this time reminding me of Avantasia (another band/project I love). 

Engaging and fast-paced is "Stay", another great track, among my personal favourites and "Ever Last" is a proper ballad, very enjoyable, with a great arrangement and a fantastic guitar solo. "Step Inside" is very enigmatic and mysterious during the verses and explodes in a great open chorus. Going towards the ending we find "Tedraeder", a very complex song, mainly instrumental, with lots of themes, moods and atmospheres (I really like the "quiet" break around minute 3) and the closing track, this time entirely instrumental, "Space Rock" that, after a long intro, sounds like a heavy metal song with an orchestra (great riffs and melodies).

"Vangardion" is a quality and very original release, amazingly performed and arranged and with lots of different vibes and contaminations. A very good album, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow the band "Vangardion" on social media.

Vangardion Facebook Page
Matthias Matzke YouTube Channel with Vangardion Videos

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