Across Oceans - Atlantica (2023)

Across Oceans, Berlin's dynamic and unique progressive metal band just released their highly awaited first EP "Atlantica" on December 8, 2023. Following the success of their first two singles, "Encounter" and "Out of Time," "Atlantica" demonstrates the band's brilliance and represents an important milestone in their musical journey. The EP, which Across Oceans created, recorded, and composed entirely on their own between May and July 2023, was produced by a world-class production team, with mixing by Roman Andor Krotil and mastering by Kevin Tuffy. 

The EP is comprised of 3 tracks for a little more than 15 minutes of music. The first track is "Out of Time", with superb guitar riffs and a super catchy chorus, after a very aggressive verse. Great melodic break in the middle, very atmospheric and overall an impressive opener with lots of interesting parts and a spotless performance by the band. "Encounter" is a little more straightforward and it will make you bang your head, with great riffs and a dynamic and powerful rhythm section while "Above the Sky" is an unusual and interesting track, starting as a classic metal ballad, but changing skin and progressively becoming more and more intense. 

"Atlantica" is a quality release. The production is perfect for the genre, and the performance by the band is absolutely spot-on. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Across Oceans on social media.

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