DIRTY MONEY - Vice and Virtue (2023)

Dirty Money's line up was completed in February 2022. Following the failure of their former band, Chemical Pulse, guitarist Mark Walker and bassist Ross Hutton decided to form a new band to write fresh music. They enlisted the help of lead vocalist and lyricist Spud Hudson and Luis Silver, a Portuguese drummer, completed the group. The band has been working hard, spending time in the studio recording and beginning to perform at various places. With strong inspirations from rock, metal, punk, and a variety of other genres, what emerges is a dynamic rock foursome that produces high-energy concerts.

This is their new EP, "Vice and Virtue", comprised of 4 songs for 16 minutes of music. A classic hard rock guitar riff for the opener "Play to Win", very energetic and with super catchy vocals (and a great guitar solo in the second half). Great opener! Similar pace for the following "Running from the Night" with inspired guitars reminding me of Slash. Another great track, very straightforward and robust and with a great rhythm section, maybe my choice if I have to pick up one. The third "Kilo Tango" has a contagious mood (and the usual fantastic riffs/solo), while "Ego" starts a little slower with drums and bass in evidence and continues with the usual energy and the usual explosive guitar solos.

"Vice and Virtue" is a no-frill energetic Hard Rock release, with catchy vocals, great guitars, and a solid rhythm section, It is very enjoyable from start to finish. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Dirty Money on social media.

Giovanni Gagliano

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