INTO THE LIGHT - Into the Light (2023)

Into the Light, a Rochester-based band, has released their debut EP, "Into the Light." The release (see the beautiful cover above) explores a broad array of soundscapes, with explosive and experimental guitar tones, driving rhythms, harsh vocals, and captivating melodies, drawing from inspirations ranging from 90's grunge to current hardcore. The EP also includes remastered versions of Into the Light's first two singles, 'Manuscript' and 'Bridge,' with the song 'Camera Shy' serving as the album's lead post-release single.

Formed in 2022, the album was recorded in early October 2023 at More Sound Recording Studio in Syracuse, NY with producer Steve Sopchak (Motionless in White, Ice Nine Kills). The band is still writing material for future releases and has numerous gigs planned, including an album release event, to kick in 2024.

"Into the Light" is comprised of 6 songs for 23 minutes of music. The opener "The Thorns of Life" starts with a fantastic guitar riff and a vibrant and precise rhythm section. From the first seconds, we immediately notice the quality of the production, absolutely perfect for the genre. To my ears, the song is in between Black Sabbath (riffs) and Nirvana (drumming) and definitely a great choice as an opener. A little more upbeat is "Camera Shy", with pure grunge vocals and fantastic drumming. "Manuscript" is very atmospheric (great bass lines!) but explodes in the chorus with fantastic guitars (what a sound!), catchy vocals and a very inspired solo. 

"Call It" is very energetic and has a no-frills punk rock attitude, probably my favourite on the EP, if I have to choose one song. Speaking of attitude, check out "Bridge" with fantastic riffs, vocals and the usual spot-on rhythm section. "Midyear" - track number 6 - closes the EP with another grunge anthem with catchy melodies, with a very melodic and tasty break in the middle.

"Into the Light" is a quality and release from every point of view: songwriting, production, performance, and arrangement. I absolutely recommend it. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and follow Into the Light on social media.

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