Little Evil - Riverview

LITTLE EVIL is a female-fronted hard rock band from the murky waters of the Mississippi that clenches your eardrums and heart strings and refuses to let go. LITTLE EVIL was created in January 2023 with origins in Southeast Iowa. Nico Merschman (vocals) and Kim Nguyen (drums) created the band, which shortly added Alexxx Bentzinger (bass) and Bryer Meierotto (guitar) and began composing and playing. Little Evil will warm you up with soul-searching melodies about self-discovery before knocking you out with lightning guitar riffs and thunderous breakdowns. 

This is their first single, called "Riverview" which was released on Black Friday, November 2023. The song opens with a nice arpeggio and with melodic vocals, exploding in a super catchy and energetic chorus that will get stuck in your head. The performance by the band is spot on, as well as the production (I love the guitars). The song is quality from every point of view and kind of addictive. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow LITTLE EVIL on social media.
Giovanni Gagliano

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