NOVEMBER 2ND - November 2nd (2023)

After twelve years, the Czech band November 2nd published a new album, self-titled. The band, which has previously received a nomination for the Czech Grammy Awards (Andel Prize), a victory in the Zebrik Awards, and toured Europe and the United States, is developing a new band sound that the musicians around singer and guitarist Alexandra Langoová have been refining for several years under the direction of producer Boris Carloff. If November 2nd's previous releases sounded like a mash-up of rock and singer-songwriter, the new material has shifted the band to a more aggressive sound, with the odd influence of electronica or soul, all in the 2023 sound concept. In the Czech Republic, the band have supported bands and musicians like Alanis Morissette, Suzanne Vega, Spin Doctors, Bryan Adams, Dave Gahan and more. 

"On the new recording, we took advantage of our previous experience and I think that our music has reached its most authentic tone so far," describes singer, guitarist and composer Alexandra Langošová, adding that less than half of the album was slowly created over five years. The second half, on the other hand, was completed in a few weeks. "With producer Carloff, we created a perfectly functioning team. He made us experiment in composing and recording like we never have before," explains Langošová, whose band is joined by guitarist Roman Helcl, bassist Jakub Vejnar and drummer Petr Ptáček. 

"November 2nd" is comprised of 10 songs for 38 minutes of music. The opener "Lights are Out" opens with groove (great rhythm section) energy and taste. A little more upbeat is "All Comes Down" (both were released as singles) with a catchy chorus and inspired guitars. "What it Feels Like" has a "Western" taste (I love the atmosphere) and very melodic vocals. Contagious mood and a hypnotic chorus for "Love Me or Leave Me (TX, TN)", while a tasty blues is "Last Kiss", with a superb arrangement and performance. I really like the pace and the mood of "Dirt in the Ditch", upbeat and vibrant (probably my favourite song on the album, if I have to choose one) the riffs and the chorus of "I Feel Love", and the groove of the final track "Island, baby", very catchy and with a strong chorus.

I love the variety of "November 2nd", performed arranged and produced with taste. A quality and very enjoyable album from start to finish, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow the band on social media. 
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