The Karma Effect - Livin' It Up (Official Video)

The Karma Effect emerged during the epidemic from the UK's flourishing hard rock scene, fusing the hip-shaking blues rock stylings of contemporaries like The Temperance Movement and Greta Van Fleet with the keyboard polish and lyrical lyrics of legendary stadium rock bands like Foreigner.

The album's debut song, 'Livin' It Up,' is a wonderful introduction to the band's anthemic style. To produce a modern rock song, a massive southern rock riff is supplemented with beautiful organ lines, a shout-along chorus, and vocalist Henry Gottelier's otherworldly voice.

“The song refers to people in power taking advantage of the everyday person, and feeding off of that,” says Gottelier. “Lyrics such as ‘they’ll be breaking your back, fill their pockets from the stack of every little bit of joy I’m owed.' The song is about not letting ‘the man’ get you down, and having a good time regardless. During the writing process for this album, we were massively inspired by the album ‘Pump’ by Aerosmith, and loved the a cappella vocal that you hear at the end of ‘Love In An Elevator’, so we wanted to add that in to our album somewhere – the start of ‘Livin’ It Up’ just felt right.”

Enjoy the wonderful video, by clicking on the player above and enjoy ‘Livin’ It Up’, quality from every point of view. I love the guitar riffs, the catchy vocals, the fantastic guitar solo and last but not least, the production, absolutely perfect for the genre.

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