WeirdWolf - 'Mild Fantasy Peril' (2023)

WeirdWolf's debut album, 'Mild Fantasy Peril,' is out now. WeirdWolf adopts an eclectic approach to combine the sounds of their musical predecessors while constantly aiming to remain contemporary and original. They are too heavy to be entirely indie, yet too melodic to be fully metal. The album's tracks blend big riffs, weird psych soundscapes, and punk intensity, but always with a melodic sensibility to complete WeirdWolf's aural Venn diagram. In December 2022, the album was recorded in Steel City Studios in Sheffield, UK. Chris Paul Johnson produced and mixed it, while Bruce Templeton mastered it at Microphonic Mastering in Minneapolis.

The band consists of Dave Bacon on guitar and vocals, Mike Thorpe on guitar, Martin Hickey on vocals and bass and Stuart Hague on drums.

Mild Fantasy Peril is comprised of 11 songs for 42 minutes of music. The record begins with a tasty drum fill, reminiscent of the 1970s. "Thrum" is a strong and catchy song that has an incredible vocal performance and brilliant riffs. "Keep Your Fever" changes the tone quickly and is one of my favourite songs on the album, with a strange psychedelic ending. With the third track, "Neon Bones," the mood and speed alter again and the song is like a jump in the 90s (good old times...). Speaking of 90s and Grunge, "Good Touch" reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots (excellent bass lines on this one!). 

"Jumping the Shark" is another change of scenario with Pop-Punk melodies (I love the guitars during the chorus) and "One Fine Day" was one of the singles (a great choice, considering the super catchy chorus) and still on my playlist Rock on. Among the other songs, I really like the atmosphere of "Minotaur", with some R.E.M. vibes, the punk and vibrant "Disco Lizard" and "Elephant" (amazing vocals!), the modern "The peril of Inertia" (great chorus and very original arrangement) and "Prescience" with fantastic riffs.

I love the variety of 'Mild Fantasy Peril,' where you can find all the different contaminations of the band members, fused in one band and in one record. The performance and the production are absolutely spot on and this is a quality release from every point of view. Also, all the songs in the album have something interesting to say and there are absolutely no fillers.

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow WeirdWolf on social media.


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