Green Day - Saviors (2024)

Album number 14 for Green Day. Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool and, of course, Billie Joe Armstrong, are still in great shape, as you can see from all the promotional videos and live TV performances on social media, these days.

Saviors is produced by Rob Cavallo and it features 15 new songs for 46 minutes of music. Their previous chapter "Father of All M....." was probably their weakest album, in my opinion, and luckily this one sounds way different and more like "Green Day" we used to love (who said "American Idiot"? The atmospheres of lots of songs bring me to that beautiful album, the best one with Dookie, in my opinion.).

The 4 singles preceding the albums were the opener "The American Dream Is Killing Me",  "Look Ma, No Brains!" "One Eyed Bastard", and "Dilemma" all leave the listener with a good taste and wanting more. The general mood is well represented by those 4 tracks and the overall result is a very pleasant album, easy listening but with old punk roots. Mature-punk, I would define it. 

Among other songs that I really liked: "Bobby Sox" (the newest single) the frantic "Coma City" (great drumming at the end) and the very inspired "Strange Days Are Here To Stay". The production is very good, modern but not too much and, especially, very important for me, without tons of autotune, like lots of releases these days. I love how the guitars sound, especially. 

Not all the tracks of "Saviors" are amazing (I would have reduced it to 12 - 13 tracks and end the album with the melodic/epic "Father to a Son") but overall the work is very enjoyable and it's probably their best release since "Revolution Radio", album that I really like. Welcome back, Green Day.

Rating 70/100
Top tracks The American Dream Is Killing Me, Dilemma, Strange Days Are Here To Stay.
Skip track: Fancy Sauce.

1. The American Dream Is Killing Me
2. Look Ma, No Brains!
3. Bobby Sox
4. One Eyed Bastard
5. Dilemma
6. 1981
7. Goodnight Adeline
8. Coma City
9. Corvette Summer
10. Suzie Chapstick
11. Strange Days Are Here To Stay
12. Living In The ’20s
13. Father To A Son
14. Saviors
15. Fancy Sauce
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