Sabrina Maria is a singer/songwriter and a solo artist. The single 'Survivor' (from the album 'Blank Canvas') was recorded at the prestigious 'Parr Street Studios' in Liverpool, England, under the direction and production of Justin Johnson.

The artist wrote about the song: "In September of 2016, I lost my mother, my boyfriend and my job all in the space of a month. My father had already passed by this point and I found myself feeling very much alone and lost. As a child and in my late teens, I used to sing in choirs and was part of a duo. My career working at sea, but a stop to my passion until this traumatic time happened. I picked up my dusty guitar (which I play very badly) and started strumming away. I then started putting pen to paper with how I was feeling. By December of that same year, I had an album's worth of music. In March 2017, I released my debut single 'Survivor', and my debut album 'Blank Canvas'. Although writing the album was very therapeutic, I hadn't really dealt with the trauma of those experiences. I released the single and album, but had no interest in the promotion, but I am now! Roll on 7 years, I now live in Tuscany, Italy. I crazily decided to move from the UK to Italy in 2019 to start a new life. It's been tough, but I have no regrets. The inspiration of the beautiful scenery out here, is the perfect place to write new music, which I have been doing. However, I really wish to get my first 2 albums promoted first before releasing more music. I am looking forward to all the support I can get to have my music heard, as I know that many people will relate to the songs.."

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Sabrina Maria on social media.

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