SELF TORQUE - No Rest for the Depressed (2023)

Gabriel A. Pentin founded Self Torque with the release of 'Impending Sense of Doom' in early 2023. Gabriel, who also fronts the post-hardcore outfit ÜNHANG, infuses a fiery punk attitude into Self Torque's indie-pop taste and direction. The project has been likened to Green Day, Placebo, and Ash, as well as Tom Petty, Hot Snakes, and Against Me.

The band have released their first EP, "No Rest for the Depressed". Gabriel said: “I wanted all the songs to be pretty fast and energetic so there was no let-up, I didn’t want there to be a slow song in the middle, so they’re a group of songs that have a certain energy to them. Lyrically they all share a common sense of desperation, but I think there’s also a vibe of positivity in those songs, like ‘Daydream’, there’s a message in there that there’s always tomorrow. There’s a lot of desperation, there’s a lot of anger but there’s also some hope in there”.

The EP is comprised of 5 songs and it's a pretty straightforward listen with 10 minutes of total length. 
The opener is "Daydream" and it will make you tap your foot with its contagious mood and a very inspired rhythm section. "Anxiety in the UK" (I love the title!) follows with a pure grunge chorus and this is probably my favourite on the EP if I have to choose one. The first single "No Rest
is energetic, with creative and solid drumming and very catchy vocal lines (another great chorus that will get stuck in your head). "Sea, Stars and Moon" and the closing "A Retrospective" feature great and pure punk rock bass lines and fantastic guitars (what a sound!), both very enjoyable and radio-friendly, without compromising much with the level of energy.

"No Rest for the Depressed" is a very cool EP. Amazingly written, arranged and performed by the band and with the perfect sound for the genre. Great job, guys! Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Self Torque on social media.

Giovanni Gagliano

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