CHE ARTHUR - No Harbor

Che Arthur, a professional musician and sound engineer based in Chicago, has announced his fourth solo album, "For That Which Now Lies Fallow". Arthur is a musician who has toured the United States and Europe and continues to produce new songs.
The new album is Arthur's attempt to confront and reconcile emotional issues relating not just to his cancer treatment but also to ageing in general, as well as emotions of loneliness and sadness in his personal life. 

The artist: "I've learned that one of the few things I can do to help keep myself above water mentally is to leave my house and play my songs in front of people. That's the reason I wrote this album - so that I could get some of those thoughts and feelings out of myself and use the tools i have, which are the guitar and my voice, to communicate them to people."

This is the new single, called "No Harbor". Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Che Arthur on social media.

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