DAVE LEBENTAL - The Long Player (2024)

Dave Lebental, a seasoned LA musician, released his highly awaited album "The Long Player" on Friday, January 12, 2024. This 11-track LP boasts a unique combination of Rock, Blues, Americana, and Singer-Songwriter elements taking inspiration from artists and bands like James Taylor, Ryan Adams, The Eagles, Tom Petty, and The Beatles.

Dave, who put his promising music career on hold to start a family, returns after 27 years to a changed musical world, crafting an album that expresses his experiences, insights, and feelings.

"The Long Player" is comprised of 11 songs for 45 minutes of music. "I'm Not Too Old" opens with a catchy country riff and a delicate arrangement (great piano) and a great solo section. "The next train out of town" is more mysterious and slow-paced and features a solid rhythm section and very inspired guitar licks. Speaking of the rhythm section, listen to "Bring It Around" and the quality central part of the song. Romantic atmosphere for "Monique", track number 4, with amazing guitars and a great vocal performance by Dave.

Among other songs, I love the pace and the mood of "My Heart's on Fire", old fashioned and energetic with a fantastic arrangement and another perfect vocal performance. Inspired harmonica parts and lyrics on "5 O'Clock Quittin' Time" and "Painted Desert Sky" and groovy bass parts (what a sound!) on the jazzy "No one else can do it", probably my favourite track on the album, if I have to choose one. Mention also for the energetic closing track "What you Got", with a fantastic snare sound.

"The Long Player" is a very enjoyable LP, with lots of different atmospheres and influences, with a great production and a great performance by Dave Lebental and his band, "The Driftwood Souls". Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Dave Lebental on social media.

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