‪ELAD DAVID‬‏ - Mind's Creations (2024)

Mind's Creations is Elad David's first EP. The style is acoustic folk-rock, influenced mostly by Nick Drake and Chris Cornell. The songs' topics are wide and deep, ranging from terrible illnesses to everyday hardships and love. The album's title is derived from the lyrics of the fourth song, 'The Voices'.

The EP is comprised of 5 songs for 17 minutes of music. "Nonstop World" opens the work with a relaxed acoustic guitar, melodic vocals and meaningful lyrics. The song is delightful, thanks to a classy arrangement during the chorus. "The Realm of Forgotten", the second track, is more upbeat and lively, with a very cool and technical guitar riff following the vocals during the verses, and with a great solo too. "Chasing Paper Dreams" slows down again and the vocals are deeper and, once again, the guitar track is spot on. A very chilled track, reminding me of Norah Jones in the piano parts. This is probably my favourite track on the album, if I have to choose one. More intense is "The Voices", with inspired vocals and the closing track "My Path to You" features a very catchy chorus, a spectacular vocal performance by Elad, and a superb piano solo by Omer Rizzi.

Mind's Creations is a quality EP, amazingly performed, written and arranged. If you need a 15-minute relaxing break, I totally recommend it. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Elad David on social media.

Words and Music - Elad David
Acoustic guitar, Vocals, Midi, and Digital editing - Elad David
Piano on 'My path to you' - Omer Rizzi
Piano on 'Chasing paper dreams' - Elad David
Recording, Arrangements, Production, Mixing and Mastering - Elad David

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