GARY DRANOW - Floating Away


Gary Dranow
presents his new song, "Floating Away" after "Chaos", "Digitise", "Bedroom Mentor", "I'm a Man", "Ripping" (click for the articles), and "Destiny Road (Remix)".

"Floating Away" welcomes listeners inside the uplifting world of a bagel business, where Gary Dranow and Harold Deblanc were reunited after a decade apart. The authentic feeling captured by this piece, which stems from their morning together, is what truly sets it apart. Harold, who had lost his fiancée to suicide barely a year before, found comfort and healing in this meeting with Gary.

The artist states: "Music is more than just notes and lyrics; it's a medium to express the depth of human emotions and experiences. 'Floating Away' is our tribute to the enduring power of friendship and the healing that can come from reconnecting with someone you care about deeply."

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Gary Dranow on social media.

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