HONOR AMONG THIEVES - Murder on the Radio Vol.1

Honor Among Thieves presents "Murder on the Radio, Vol. 1," their brand-new EP, live from the Lower East Side of New York City. The band is comprised of Craig Cantos on Vocals, Merx Mercado on Guitar, Kevin Jones on Bass, and Dave Brooks on Drums. They have opened for legendary acts such as The Dead Daisies at Times Square NYC, again with the Winery Dogs, Palladium Theater also in Times Square NYC with Ace Frehley, and Last in Line and then Faster Pussycat.

"Murder on the Radio, Vol. 1," has 5 songs for 22 minutes of music. "Down" opens the work with attitude and power... It will make bang your head. The song features powerful and positive vocals, killer riffs, amazing drumming (especially in the second part of the song) and catchy vocals. Great opener, definitely. "Bareknuckle Billionaires" continues where the opener left. This a heavy fun rock tune with Velvet Revolver vibes. The band uses it as the closing tune of their setlist as it is a fan favourite.

The third track "Battle Lines" is about a story of a love that is fighting to survive. This is a little more relaxed than the first two tracks and with amazing bass lines, during the verses. I also love the chorus, once again very catchy and with a fantastic vocal performance. Groovy bass for "Firesign", with inspired guitar riffs and very technical drumming. It reminds me of Mr.Big, for some reason. Another great track. The closing "Minutes to Miles" is similar to the message in the song Down. "This is about finding yourself. Taking yourself out of the situations that you know are just not right for you." Another good and catchy tune with the usual great performance by the band (I love the solo!).

"Murder on the Radio, Vol. 1," is a pure rock n' roll release, no frills, very enjoyable from start to finish and with tons of attitude and experience by Honor Among Thieves. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow the band on social media.

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