JANE N' THE JUNGLE - Life of the Party (2024)

Jordan White, a fiery female firecracker vocalist/songwriter from Phoenix, AZ and with guitarist Brian Dellis, make up Jane N' The Jungle. Their new EP, "Life of the Party" is comprised of 6 songs for 23 minutes of music. It was produced by Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI, and is following their “Ocean Creatures” EP released in March 2022. 

The opening track, "Dirty Dog", almost immediately transitions to a catchy chorus, with memorable vocals. The song has a tremendous sound, with an excellent rhythm section and guitars that sound magnificent and powerful, even though it is quite radio-friendly. "Metal Ghost" features a dynamic rhythm section, powerful riffs and a fantastic vocal performance by Jordan. "Wasteland" is in between a ballad and a mid-tempo, very melodic during the verses and aggressive and powerful in the chorus. Check out the guitar solos in the second part of the song.

The band describes track number four "Cut Me Open" as: "It's a feeling of something new and wanting to be good enough for you." I truly appreciate the lyrics, and Jordan White's voice is great. The song is catchy and will definitely get stuck in your brain. The guitars are very inspired, with powerful riffs and an acoustic section too. "Bed of Roses" is not the Bon Jovi cover but a groovy track with great bass lines and a contagious rhythm. The final track of the EP is the title track, "Life of the Party" (click here for the brand new video),  a hard n' heavy power ballad with great drumming during the verses and a memorable chorus. 

Life of the Party is a quality EP from every point of view: sound, performance, arrangement, and attitude I totally recommend it. Give it a go and follow Jane N' The Jungle. 

Giovanni Gagliano

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