KELSEY MONTANEZ - Infinite Bloom

Kelsey Montanez released her 2024 single, "Infinite Bloom," on February 23. Prepare for an electrifying rush of energy including captivating hooks and a forceful vocal delivery. This album flawlessly merges hooky pop and emotionally charged rock in Kelsey's unique style, offering an exciting musical experience. 

"Infinite Bloom" captures the sense of exhilaration while constructing a story of desire and passion. It's a sound journey that resembles the quest of a muse, an alluring chase that is both exhilarating and elusive. With outstanding production that feels both nostalgic and new, "Infinite Bloom" is an ideal starting point for a series of releases expected to follow later this year. 

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Kelsey Montanez on social media.


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