Lords Of Black "I Want The Darkness To Stop" - Official Music Video

LORDS OF BLACK will publish the new album “Mechanics of Predacity“, on the 15th of March 2024.

"I Want The Darkness To Stop
Music and Lyrics by Tony Hernando
Now you're gone
Did you know who I ever was?
Maybe a fool
Maybe a spell you don't want to come undone
Did you know... it was going to turn this wrong
Do you still want to know
If I still sing the songs we used to love
Now I drift into the dark
I'm so afraid to relive it... When I turn out the light
Hand on heart, I beg you to take me home
I wish I dream, I wish I may
I wish I might be with you tonight
Let me take just one
One last look at the promised land
If that's all that remains... Will I see you again?
Tell me why you dare
To pretend there was never love
All I need, all I ask, all I want... is the darkness to stop

 "Mechanics of Predacity" Tracklisting:
1. For What is Owed to Us 
2. Let the Nightmare Come 
3. I Want the Darkness to Stop 
4. Let It Burn 
5. Can We Be Heroes Again 
6. Crown Of Thorns 
7. Obsessions of the Mind 
8. Build the Silence
9. A World That's Departed 
      I. About to Reset
      II. Absentia
      III. A Final Sense Of Truth
10. Born Out Of Time 

Produced by Tony Hernando
Mixed and Mastered by Roland Grapow

Lords Of Black are:
Ronnie Romero - Vocals
Tony Hernando - Guitars
Dani Criado - Bass
Jo Nunez - Drums
Giovanni Gagliano

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