MARK HOWARD - Scarlette

Mark Howard, a troubadour located in Phillip Island, Australia, has created a sound masterpiece that transcends time and emotions. The pop rock track "Scarlette," dances on the delicate line between love and grief, luring listeners into a realm where heartstrings are pulled by the sounds of a past passion.

"Scarlette" was mixed by Dave Prideaux of Sunderland Studio and mastered by Andy Stewart at The Mill. It tells a story that meanders through Mark's own experiences. It's an homage to a long-lost love, a connection that exists only in memory.

Mark wrote: “The song was first workshopped with my previous band on a rainy day in Cape Woolamai. Once the opening lyric, “She breaks” came bursting out, I knew what direction the song would take but it would eventually take a few years to find the right sonic atmosphere.”

Giovanni Gagliano

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