PUSCH - Bow To Me (2024)

PUSCH's debut EP is titled "Bow To Me,"  just released. The band spent the last two years pouring their hearts and souls into creating these tunes. Brandon, the vocalist, expresses the turbulent road of reaching the 25-year mark, blending stories of personal growth and endurance. This EP is their message for empowerment, refusing to give up, and standing firm in the face of hardship.

Bow To Me is comprised of 5 songs. The genre is hardcore punk and the songs are fast, energetic and straight to the point. A good example is "Let My Phone Ring", the furious opener, with a catchy chorus, an amazing rhythm section and a very inspired guitar riff. A great opener! A little slower is the track number two, "Spit", with more melodic vocals, but still with energy and a punchy sound (I love the production of this work!). 

The following "Other Side" reminded a little of Mike Patton (it's a huge compliment) in one of his side projects, while "Clad in Blood" features superb riffs and rough vocals. I love how the drums accelerate in the central part of the song. A crazy and interesting song, probably my favourite on the EP. Fast pace for the last ",", a little more accessible and melodic than the previous track, with an anthemic chorus and the band's usual spectacular performance.

This EP is a quick fist on your face, with energy, attitude a sprinkle of craziness and melody. It's also amazingly performed by the band and with a kick-ass sound! Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow PUSCH on social media.

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