SONIC RADE - Acacias (2023)

Sonic Rade, the Swiss Pop-Rock trio released their 4th album titled “Acacias” which was entirely recorded in Sonic Rade’s rehearsal space and Studio located in the Acacias industrial district of Geneva.

The trio is composed of a Canadian and two Swiss; Ricardo Ryan (vocals and guitar), Christian Fonjallaz (bass and back vocals) and Pascal J. Kramer (drums and percussions). They present the album: "Acacias spans everything from intimate melancholic tracks to great guitar riffs and tones laid on a solid rhythm section. Sonic Rade created a musical landscape that lived up to the lyrical richness of the songs. The album is inspired by relationships, states of mind and adventures. it will take you through an unforgettable journey."

Acacias” is comprised of 8 songs for 35 minutes of music. "Masquerade" opens the album with melody, energy and a retro taste (80s!) in the arrangements. Very good start and very catchy tune. The following track "Twisted by You" slows down a bit with a hypnotic rhythm section in evidence (great bass lines!), delicate vocals and an inspired solo section, at the end of the song. Tribal rhythms for "Red Sea", with dynamic drumming and a super catchy chorus (reminds me of 90s' U2). This is probably my favourite track on the album, if I have to choose one. More rock vibes with the following "No Easy Way", track number 4, with amazing guitar riffs, solo and inspired vocals. 

Among the other songs, I liked the tranquil and classy atmospheres of "How Long", "Rodeo" and the final "Spheres" and the happy mood of "Be the One" (great production and arrangement, for some reason it reminds me of U2 again).

Acacias” is a very enjoyable album from start to finish, amazingly performed by the band, with a very good production as well and where all the band members show their musical baggage and different influences. In the album, you will find singer-songwriter material, rock and pop, fused perfectly. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Sonic Rade on social media.
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