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Outside Time is The Trudy's fresh new seven-track, 21-minute mini album. The band refers to it as a short album rather than an EP since it is a timeless collection of songs designed to be listened to like one side of an LP. "It takes you on a musical journey," they explain.

The Trudy, a London-based band formed in 1979, now consists of Melissa Jo Heathcote (vocals), Del Tagg (guitar), and Peter Tagg (drums). The band recorded a series of hit indie songs and an album titled 'Tune-In To The Trudy Love-Ray!'

They split up in 1994, with members pursuing individual television and radio ventures. However, the calling was strong. The Trudy were revived in 2006 and have since gained popularity with hits including 'Oh!', 'Lost Summer of Love', and 'Dirt Cheap Melody', as well as their 2016 album 'Always Never Beautiful Forever'.
"Dawn" opens "Outside Time". It's a short intro to the following "Where the Roses Grow" (no, it's not related to the beautiful track by Nick Cave), with melodic vocals and a melodic arpeggio. The full band comes in during the second verse and the song becomes more energetic, with a catchy chorus and a very interesting arrangement. Good opener! "Dear Sancho" is more or less on the same page, melodic in some moments and energetic in others, with an inspired rhythm section, lots of dynamics and another good chorus.

The single "Every Story Ever Told", is a folky tune, happier in the mood, with a powerful message about life and great guitar tracks, both solos and rhythm. "Giants Theme" is a short and kind of epic instrumental track inspired by spaghetti Westerns and again, with great guitars and overall very catchy, even without vocals. This is my favourite track on the EP if I have to choose one. Track number 6 is "Pop Pop" and it's for punk-pop lovers. Smooth, inspired and energetic, amazingly performed by the band, another great tune. The last track "Arrival" is an outro, closing the journey with a melodic electric guitar.

I really enjoyed Outside Time, all its atmospheres and influences. It's a very enjoyable EP from start to finish, very well performed by the band and with a good sound too. I also like the idea of having an intro and an outro, even for a short album. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow The Trudy on social media.

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