VOGUE VILLAINS - A Slow Ride (At The Speed Of Light)

Vogue Villains, a Canadian alt-rock band, have released their new single 'A Slow Ride', which is available on all digital streaming platforms.

This is the latest single from their debut full-length album, called "Built On Bones", set for release on March 7th. 'A Slow Ride' deals with themes of being exhausted and fed up with the negative pressures that people can put on you.

The band commented on the song: "While the lyrics may be sparse, they came out aggressive and poignant, so naturally the music had to follow suit," says lead vocalist/bassist Andrew Baskin. "To say that it's a song about no longer taking sh*t from anyone may be an oversimplification. It becomes much more complex when you think about the fact that we can just as much be the culprits of our own demise. And imagine the physical and mental struggle that goes along with that - a self-manifested fist fight and the slow ride we take when we've been knocked down to the mat and the never-ending struggle to climb back onto your feet."

VOGUE VILLAINS are comprised of Andrew Baskin (Lead Vox, Bass) Lucas Antoni (Lead Vox, Guitar) Nate Cox (Drums, Vox) Robert Johnston (Keyboard, Guitar, Vox) 

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Vogue Villains on social media.


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