VONNEGUT HARDWARE - Vonnegut Hardware (EP - 2024)

Vonnegut Hardware, from Indianapolis in the Midwest, is releasing their debut EP. This EP features five songs, two of which (Apocalypse Blues and Fantasyland) were released as singles earlier this year. 

This EP comprises a set of songs created during the band's inception, initially by singer/songwriter Jim Rawlinson on an acoustic guitar during and immediately preceding the epidemic, and subsequently expanded into a full band sound. Vonnegut Hardware recorded these songs over a few days at Indy's famed all-analog studio, Postal Recording, with Alex Kercheval, and had them mastered at Round Table Recording.

The EP is comprised of 5 songs for 17 minutes of music. Classic rock mood for the opener "Apocalypse Blues", very catchy and with fantastic guitars. Definitely a good choice as a single. "Broadripple is boring" follows, which is the shortest track on the EP, very straightforward and energetic, with a great finale (great drumming). "Fantasyland", the third track, previously released as a single features catchy vocals and amazing bass lines, very groovy and a great solo section too. 

A melodic piano starts "Patrick Henry", but the song evolves very differently, with distortions, attitude and energy, in between Punk and Alternative with vocals reminding me of Duff McKagan. This is probably my favourite song on the EP, if I have to choose one. The EP closes with "Heart attack". I love the chorus (great vocals), the groovy rhythm section and the guitars sound, once again, fantastic.

This is a quality release and Vonnegut Hardware it's very enjoyable from start to finish, thanks also to a very good production and spot on performance by the band. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Vonnegut Hardware on social media.

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