When Hush Falls - Clean Slate (EP - 2024)

'When Hush Falls' is a solo music project based in Assam, India, by Rajarshi Boro. The debut EP, 'Clean Slate', just released summarizes early rock influences and love for every genre of music.

The artist wrote about the inspiration for 'Clean Slate': "The EP was inspired by emotions and experiences such as trekking across beautiful Himalayan landscapes which gets reflected in ‘Meadows’, compelling early war facts that inspired ‘The Things You’ve Seen’, ‘This Place’ which tries conveying common human struggles and nature to break from defined boundaries into better spaces, etc."

The production was completed totally as a solo 'Bedroom studio' approach, with Simon Papadopoulos from Soulgroove Studio playing a significant part in the song mixing process.

'Clean Slate' is comprised of 5 songs for almost 17 minutes of music. 
The opener "This Place" is very melodic and driven by an acoustic guitar. The song is very enjoyable, with catchy vocal lines, inspired arrangements and overall a good start to the journey of this EP. "Blue Sky Yellow Lands", the second track, is more atmospheric and downbeat where you can hear the love of Rajarshi for Pink Floyd. Good track with a very interesting guitar solo as well. Similar mood for the instrumental "Be Here Now", track number 3, and even more atmospheric. This is probably my favourite track of the EP, if I have to choose one. "The Things You've Seen" features great drums signature tempo and a a very catchy chorus and "Meadows" closes the EP with some pop melodies and acoustic guitars, same atmosphere as the opening track and closing the journey's circle.

'Clean Slate' is a very interesting work. You can hear lots of influences and all the different types of music Rajarshi has in his baggage and it's a very emotional and pleasant journey from start to finish. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and follow When Hush Falls on Soundcloud

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