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- Hi and welcome to this interview. Tell us about your latest release, Crossword.
Hi, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Alex Cross, composer and guitar performer. On March 12, my 
instrumental album “Crosswords” was released across all music platforms. It serves as the opening 
chapter of the Alex Cross trilogy project Titled “Stories from Life.” The album is made up of ten instrumental songs.

I’m thrilled with the final result and with the exceptional performances of the incredible musicians 
who joined the project and provided fantastic support throughout the journey. Among them, some 
are well-known figures in the international music scene, such as Claudio Pietronik (Jam Track Central 
guitar player) and Loida Liuzzi (Kiesel guitar endorser). However, overall, the entire crew operated 
at an absolute top level, including the staff at Forward Studios in Rome, where we completed the 
album in late 2023. Every piece weaves its own narrative and all of them were created with an 
absolute and powerful intention. I think this album could easily take listeners on a captivating and 
unique musical journey. I’m enthusiastic about the feedback it has garnered in a such short span of 

- How would you describe your sound? 
My musical roots lie in rock music, yet ‘Crosswords’ defies easy categorization. It is made by ten 
songs, and each represents a distinct musical genre: from rock and acoustic melodies to prog rock, 
piano compositions and string arrangements. The creative process knew no bounds; many times, I 
felt that certain pieces emerged with their own unique signature. Notably, ‘The Rock and the Sea,’ 
‘Farewell,’ and ‘In Grace’ came alive within minutes. Although they seemingly came from nowhere;
they were different… but I’ve decided to include them anyway in the album, because I genuinely love 

- What do you write about? 
I write about our victories or failures, our farewells and regrets, the value of endurance, the beauty 
in being together, visions of a future life or past stories. Underneath there is the quest for the missing 
fragment that puts all together, there is the necessity of communicate and leave glued something 
mine on the walls during the way. 

- What do you listen to when you are home?
Well in the guitar realms I really enjoy listening to Andy Timmons and Eric Johnson and many many 
- Your favourite live performance so far? 
Well, I really enjoyed a live  performance in Sicily during a rock festival a few years ago; I was touring with a band called Noise Orchestra and I had the occasion to meet a lot of great musicians and many incredible professionals working around them. It was very interesting, and it was fantastic playing on such a big stage.
- Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage. 
Well I have one, let’s call this story: “The Sizzling Fretboard Incident”
Once upon a time, during a scorching hot season, I found myself on stage, ready to kick off a concert. 
Lidle did I know that my trusty guitar had been baking in the car under the relentless sun for hours 
before the show. As I struck the first chord, chaos ensued.
The sound that emerged was otherworldly, a discordant, out-of-this-planet catastrophe. My 
bandmates stared at me; their eyes were wide with disbelief; I could only feel panic, I didn’t realize 
which the problem was: my fingers were in the right positions, yet the music was all wrong. What 
was happening?
And then it hit me: the heat had taken its toll. The fretboard had warped. Frets were popping out 
like rebellious notes. I had instants of desperation where time seemed to be eternal and froze. I didn’t 
know how I could save the performance. But fate intervened. A mysterious figure materialized from 
behind the stage, let’s call him a guitar-wielding savior. He handed me his own instrument, perfectly 
in tune. With gratitude, I launched into the live set, so that the borrowed axe would come to play. To that anonymous hero backstage: thank you for saving our show. And to my sunbaked guitar: you taught 
me that even in chaos, rock music finds a way.

- Your favourite albums? 
A hard Day’s Night 
Ella and Louis
Deep Purple in Rock 
Nothing like the sun 
Images and words 
… hundreds more… 

- A musician you would like to meet for a beer? 
Steve Vai, without a doubt, is an extraordinary human being and a musical genius. Once he told 
me that I have a beautiful voice and he asked me if I was a singer… we just had a little jam together 
at the end of one of his clinics in the center of Italy. It was a great experience. Perhaps it was indeed 
a cosmic - Vai - message: “Trade the strings for lyrics, my friend!” (hehehe). 

- What would you ask for backstage, if you were the most important band on earth?
Nothing special, I think that a proper space to prepare myself and my rig for the show would be 
sufficient. Having nice, organized, happy people around help too. 

- What are your plans for the near future?
I’m writing the second album; I have a lot of work already done and I can’t wait to get back to studio 
and record it. There will be a lot of collaborations with many international artists and I’m so proud 
for a very special participation on drums, I can’t say more for the moment but I’m very happy and 
enthusiastic for this new chapter.

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