Deadly Shadows - Running Back in Time


Deadly Shadows, who formed in 1988, have returned with the publication of their long-awaited album "Running Back in Time".

Since its inception over three decades ago, the Brazilian band has been a dominant force in the local Heavy Metal scene, with a commanding presence, a strong sound, and spectacular concerts.
With a combination of new songs and reinterpretations of the band's classics, the album promises to be an exciting and engaging listening experience for both longtime fans and newcomers discovering the band for the first time.

Deadly Shadows features Tony Devil on vocals, Maurício Grezzana and Júlio Machado on guitars, Davi Frezza on bass, and Daniel Balconi on drums.

Give the title track a go, with the band producing a spectacular performance and follow Deadly Shadows on social media as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

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