ERIK HANSEN - Seasons of the Wind (2024)

Erik Hansen leaves his band Fallen Angels to embark on a solo career with his debut EP "Seasons of the Wind", released on March 8, 2024. The EP, a five-track release, is co-produced with Pamela Moore (Queensryche). Chris Gohde (My Sister's Machine, Accused A.D.) played drums, while John Hansen (Erik's father) supplied pedal steel guitar on the songs Horizon and Forever Dream.

"The Road" opens the EP with a tasty guitar riff. The song is Hard rock but easy listening too, thanks to catchy vocals and solos. Solid riff, punk atmospheres and dynamic drumming for "Send Me a Sign", the soundtrack to each foolish question you've ever been asked - Erik explains - anyone who has ever cut you off, and any last-minute task that comes in 5 minutes before you finish work.

"Horizon", track number three is an enjoyable ballad, very folky and atmospheric, while "Traveler" opens with fantastic drumming and a heavy metal guitar. I love the guitars on this track, probably my favourite one on the EP. "Forever Dream" melodic arpeggio brings me back to 80s hard rock. The song is a power ballad, with a catchy chorus. A good finale. 

"Seasons of the Wind" is a very enjoyable release, well written and performed by Erik and his band and with lots of interesting ideas and details. Give it a go by clicking on the Bandcamp player below and remember to follow Erik Hansen on social media.

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