Giants of Genesis - Weight of the World (Re-Mix 2024)

The American metal band Giants of Genesis released the remix of their 2016 original concept album, "Weight of the World".

The album is comprised of 10 songs for 48 minutes of music. The story is about the difficulties and sufferings of the main character. Life begins innocent and wonderous. The protagonist loses his mother and father to murder right in front of him. He witnesses the killer's death by electric chair, grows up with addiction and broken relationships, and realises his father was implicated, crossing high-ranking members of a secret organisation. Our character discovers that there are other orphans in similar circumstances as they form a faction to take down the hidden society. Our main character experiences nightmares in which their subconscious comes to light, and they must confront ALL of life, good and terrible. They go through difficulties, emerge slightly damaged, and accept their circumstances.

The opener "Empty Silhouettes" starts with furious drumming/riffing, very technical but very tasty as well. The song is energetic and definitely a great choice as an opener, with a catchy chorus as well. Super fast classic heavy metal riff for the following track "Fractured", with brilliant guitars and inspired vocals. I love the drum break in the middle of the song (2.30) and the guitar melody straight after.

Pure Heavy Metal mood for "Stick and Stones" as well reminding me of some old Queensryche tune in the mood and in some vocal parts. I love the slow break in the middle with tasty bass lines and great drumming after that. "My Dark Passenger" starts like a freight train and the vocals on this one are more aggressive than usual during the verses but with very melodic openings (and a scream a 2.12!). Iron Maiden influences during the second part of the song, with a melodic guitar refrain. 

Among other songs, great riffs and solos at the beginning of "Missing Pieces", very fast and intense. I love the pace and the mood (and the riffs, as usual) of "Conquest" and "Dynasty", pure heavy metal, the melodic acoustic beginning of "The Closing Wounds", an instrumental with very tasty NWOBHM parts and lots of tempo change (the bass parts are amazing!). This is probably my favourite track on the album if I have to choose one. 

Dark mood for the longest track of the album "While You Sleep", very melodic during the first part and explodes in the second part with furious riffs and heavy vocals. "The Last Sanctuary" closes the album with melodic vocal parts and inspired backing vocals. The song is once again overall very energetic (and with lots of massive riffs and other tasty details) but it closes the album with an acoustic break.

"Weight of the World" is an old-school Heavy Metal album but with modern elements as well It's amazingly written and performed and with lots of little details to enjoy. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Giants of Genesis on their Facebook Page

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