STANDBY - All For Nothing (2024)

StandBy, an LA-based youth rock group, released their much-awaited first album, "All For Nothing", on February 29th, 2024. Their Grammy-nominated record, likened to 90s grunge legends Silverchair, is about to blast into the scene. StandBy, led by 17-year-old American-Hungarian-Australian vocalist and lead guitarist Eddie Dolak, is ready for the next level.

Three tracks (All Your Fault, Your Own Demise, Good Bad Ugly) were mixed by Brit Robert Adam Stevenson, whose most recent work includes Queens of the Stone Age's "In Times New Roman," Jeff Beck/Johnny Depp's "18," and Porno For Pyros, among others.

The album is comprised of 10 songs for 36 minutes of music. "All your fault" starts the album with pace and energy. The song is super catchy and it sounds great. I love the vocals and it's a straight jump to the 90s. "My Mother's Lullaby" starts with a relaxed bass intro with pop-punk vibes, something between Blink-182 and Ramones. Great drumming for "Do it Again", a straightforward and energetic song. "Undefined Life Story" is a very relaxed ballad and gives us a rest from the energy of the first 3 tracks. Heavy riffs and pure grunge mood for track number 5, "Your own Demise", probably my favourite songs on the album, If I have to choose one.

Among the other songs, I like the riff and the mood of "Stay for Tomorrow" (great chorus), the dynamic rhythm section of "A New Place", the tapping in "All for Nothing" and the superb guitar sound and the massive riffs of the closing track "Good Bad Ugly", a good way to close the album before the acoustic version of Do it Again.

"All For Nothing" is a quality album, well written and amazingly performed by the band. In a few episodes, it took me back straight to the 90s (good old times...). Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow StandBy on social media.
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