4 Zimmer Küche Bad - Gute Laune Wahnsinn

4 Zimmer Küchen Bad” represents an energetic mix of indie, rock, pop and punk with German socially critical lyrics. Singalong choruses and danceable rhythms come together. The band has existed since the beginning of 2017 and has conquered the hearts of fans in a very short time since their first joint concert in September 2017. The band's first album was released in June 2018.

Room 1 is occupied by singer Matthias Krey. He is the bundle of energy in the band. Always in a good mood, he tirelessly jumps around the stage and screams, sings and whispers the band's songs with passion and dedication without losing sight of the audience. Room 2 is occupied by guitarist and singer Tobias Biedert. He is the quiet, rather introverted roommate. He writes all the lyrics and composes most of the music. Bassist Oliver Best lives in room 3. He is a relaxed connoisseur. A good atmosphere in the shared apartment is important to him and just as the low frequencies give the rough songs some warmth and hold them together, he smoothes things over in the shared apartment when there are disagreements. Drummer Manuel Schneider lives in room 4. He is the driving force of the band. Together with Tobias Biedert, he composes the music and also implements his sonic visions. He constantly pushes his roommates to grow beyond themselves. 

I love the pace and the mood of their new song "Gute Laune Wahnsinn", fun to listen to, fast paced and no frills. The song features very inspired and old style punk guitar riffs, catchy vocals (check out the chorus!) and I find it very enjoyable from start to finish. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow the band “4 Zimmer Küchen Bad” on social media.

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