Gooseberry – Kikiyon (Official Video)

This is "Kikiyon" by Gooseberry, from their debut LP, All My Friends Are Cattle. It's produced by Colin Bryson (Zach Bryan), and mixed by Phil Joly (The Strokes).

Gooseberry is a trio from Brooklyn, New York, formed in the Autumn of 2019. Gooseberry's mix of alternative rock, indie, and blues creates a distinct sound in each of their songs. The band comprises Asa Daniels (guitar, vocals), Evin Rossington (drums), and Will Hammond (bass).

“The minute we take ourselves too seriously, we die.”, says Daniels. “Kikiyon” packs a punch musically, lyrically, and thematically. It’s angry. It’s heavy. We knew we had to match all that weight with a video that brought equal and opposite force. What better way than with a lo-fi thrasher comedy about magical bird-zombie transformation?”

The song is very catchy, easy listening but with a good punch as well (I love the sound!) and it's amazingly performed by the band. I love the pre-chorus and the guitars, very 90's. The song is quality and fun and the same time. Give it a go and follow Gooseberry as well on social media.
Giovanni Gagliano

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