Matt Sahadi - Am I Living What I Always Dreamed Of?

Matt Sahadi hails from the Midwest rustbelt and is establishing himself in Nashville. He draws on his influences from the synth-wave era of the 1980s and 1990s to create a synth-infused production with delayed and chorusy guitars and percussion that drive the song while allowing the words to come through. Matt also incorporates folk elements such as acoustic guitar, harmonica, and tambourines, as well as Brit-pop guitar leads and fills. Matt's songs are for heartbreakers, soul seekers, and huge dream chasers.

He returned with an existential-isolation ballad titled "Am I Living What I Always Dreamed Of?" Painting a harsh narrative about a man who discovers that all of his hopes for adulthood have been broken. Matt uses personal experiences to depict the reality that so many people are compelled to live: an irredeemable existence of choices, struggle, and regret to survive.
I like the energy of the track and its roots in country folk (I love the harmonica parts) with inspired vocals, guitar solos, and a top-notch arrangement. A very enjoyable track, amazingly performed and with a good sound as well. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Matt Sahadi on social media.

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