Matthew Mayfield - "Breathe Out In Black" (Official Music Video)

Official Video for "Breathe Out In Black" from the upcoming Matthew Mayfield's album, 'PRIZEFIGHTER.' His first one since 2019’s Gun Shy—the longest gap in his output since his first solo release in 2008.

PRIZEFIGHTER, composed primarily during periods of intense sleeplessness and recorded and produced by Paul Moak (Martha Wainwright, Reliant K, Dolly Parton, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton), balances the identities of anti-hero singer-songwriter and rock 'n' roll outlaw."

The artist said about the creative process :“I was writing what I thought was garbage, but it turned out to be gold. You can’t be scared about whether it’s good or bad. You’ve just got to love yourself enough to try.”

Breathe Out In Black has a slow and melodic start to explode at 0.40. I love the 90s feel (great production!) and both songs and video are quality and very enjoyable from start to finish, thanks to a spot-on performance and catchy vocal lines (the chorus will get stuck in your head!). Give it a go through the player above and follow on Matthew Mayfield social media as well.
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