Beards & Whiskey - Invade

Beards & Whisky is an indie four-piece rock band from the greater Philadelphia region that formed in 2014. The music might be classified as many distinct rock subgenres since it draws inspiration from inspirations such as 70's metal, 80's blues rock, 90's grunge, 2000's nu metal, alternative metal, alternative rock, and post-grunge. The band is currently creating their sophomore album with producer Derek Salazar. The new tracks depart from the first album's southern rock flavour and push more towards hard rock elements.

This is their new single, called Invade. The band wrote about the song: "This song is written from the perspective of a battle-hardened leader preparing warriors to invade unknown lands and be mentally ready for enemy contact. Invade has an interesting intro with a theremin creating a sci-fi sound to indicate an invasion of aliens as the enemy forces". 

I love the acoustic riff and the impact when the full band kicks in. Hypnotic riffs, catchy vocals and a precise and creative rhythm section. Also, spot-on arrangement and production. The song is quality from every point of view. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Beards & Whisky on social media.

The band is comprised of:
Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals - Ryan Mcmanimon
Bass/Backing Vocals - Jon Kalish
Drums - Keith Schanbacher

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