Envy Marshall - THE FIRE

Envy Marshall is what it sounds like when a professional wrestler shifts gears storms out of the locker room, grabs a guitar, and pours her energy and grit into her mix of Punk, Hard Rock, and Alt Metal.

Leading the pack with a Punk / Hard Rock attitude and a purpose to pierce through the noise and get into your mind and hearts with massive riffs, enormous bass lines, and hard pounding drums fit for stadiums. Envy's first full-length album has been in the works for two years and is due out in 2024. 

This is her new single, called THE FIRE. The song starts like a punch directly in your face. I love the vigorous bass lines and the overall mood of the song, straightforward, catchy and no frills, with great vocals and amazing guitar riffs and solos as well. The song is fun and pure rock, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Envy Marshall as well.
Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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