Jay Gavin - Mexican Food, Cold Beer & Tattoos

Jay Gavin has completed a full circle, going back to his roots in country, folk, and bluegrass after spending years travelling North America with punk and metal bands. Jay Gavin is the son of a PEI fisherman, and he spent his early years surrounded by pickers and singers. Jay Gavin has released three albums, most notably "Therapy" in 2022, which featured the popular music video "Got Myself a Harley." He is renowned for his genuineness, his hilarious, twangy melodies, and his foot-tapping live performances. With events planned for July 2023 in Atlantic Canada, Jay is now touring consistently in Western Canada, WA, MT, WY, and TN.

The artist says about his new song, Mexican Food, Cold Beer & Tattoos: "I wrote this one in the studio in Hendersonville. It was late, like 3am and I felt starving! I was craving for good Mexican food which isn't that easy to find at 3am. But there was a bag of Doritos on the table and some Flaming Crunch Cheetos, so I grabbed the old Gibson B25 hat was hanging on the wall and started writing down random words that rhyme with taco. Then I remembered this time in Texas when I found a Mexican restaurant with this cool neon sign that said Mexican Food, Tattoos and Cold Beer and the story started revealing itself. Within 2 hours or so, it was mostly written, and all the chips were gone. I passed out dreaming about tacos and cold beer!"

Mexican Food, Cold Beer & Tattoos is very enjoyable from start to finish and fun to listen to (with a story like that it couldn't be otherwise!) and with a super catchy chorus, a spot-on arrangement and a great performance too. A very cool one, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Jay Gavin on social media as well.


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