Möebius - The Machine

Möebius is a rock band from Chile. They have been described as one of the most diverse heavy sounds of the present. The band has combined prog and metal elements, as well as some classic rock influences. The band consists of Tomás de la Fuente's trippy vocals, Felipe "Tio" Herrera's groovy bass wizardry, Felipe Marin's loud rocking drums, and Sebastian Herrera's riff-minded stoner guitars. In 2021, Clemente Cociña (keys) joined the band as a permanent member. The band was officially established in 2011, performing hard rock songs and creating material for the First Encounter EP (2016), Majin (2020), and Kryptomnesia (2023). 

This is their new single, called The Machine. I love the rhythm section and the riffs, pure rock n' roll. The vocals are great too, very well performed and super energetic. The particularity of the song is the keys, very 70s, and bring me back to the 70s (Deep purple, specifically), both in terms of sound and performance. Speaking of which, have a listen to the solo section at 3.00, very tasty and with lots of influences combined. This is a very cool song, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Möebius on social media.

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