Noiz Ritual - Abuse Me (Official video clip)

Noiz Ritual is a 4+1 piece band formed in 2022 by John Varvas (4lt) on vocals, Nick Christolis (Four Sides of Strange, Afterblood, ex-Ghost Season, ex-Potergeist) on guitars, Mantalena Krikelli (Vegan Mosquitoes, Heavenblack, ex-Lost Arcadia) on drums, and Ilias Xirogiannis (Imperfection) on bass.

The band was brought together by a mutual love of 90s grunge music as well as alternative rock and nu-metal in the 2000s. Despite having to relocate to another country for business reasons, and Yul Sada (Afterblood, Sticky Dog) filling in on bass, Ilias remains in the band as a hidden ace up his sleeve, making guest appearances with his baritone distorted sound produced by his bass and pedals acting as a second guitar.

Enjoy their new video and single, Abuse Me. The video is quality, as well as the song, punchy but radio-friendly at the same time, with catchy vocals (check out the chorus!) a fantastic solo section, and a perfect production for the genre too. This is a very cool song that will probably get stuck in your head. Give it a go and follow Noiz Ritual as well.
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