Orca Station - Churchill

Orca Station is a two-piece, alt-rock band. Devon is the drummer and Rich plays all the rest ( they've been friends since they were 5 years old). They were part of another band previously and got together for fun over the summer of 2022. A few months later they recorded our first album 'Pangs' as Orca Station.

“The response has been encouraging, being that maybe seven people knew we existed pre-release. So why not put it in front of people, and play out, which we love doing most? Not looking for accolades or to take over the world, just to play. We were satisfied jamming for jamming's sake but didn't want to lose our songs. They're something to us and perhaps might be to someone else.”

This is their new single, called Churchill. I love the grunge mood of the song, it brings me back straight to the 90s. The song features catchy vocals, inspired guitars, and a solid rhythm section too. If you love the 90s (like myself), you will like this one for sure, very well written and performed by the band. 
Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Orca Station on Instagram.
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