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Veil Lifter, POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK's fourth full-length release, is a stormy 10-track album that combines doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash to create a shattering new record. Following the industrial soundscapes of their third album, It Will Come Out of Nowhere, Jon Ireson and Stephen Moore have made a drastic shift to an uncontrolled organic live sound. This new 'doom grunge' approach is influenced by those who came before them, like Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and The Stooges, as well as musicians who are reinventing heavy music for a new era, such as Russian Circles, Windhand, Queens of the Stone Age, and YOB. 

The band commented on the release: 
Steve: "Veil Lifter" is very much the album I've always wanted to make. The album is intended, as all my work is, to be completely uncensored, unashamedly dark, raw emotionally, and therefore, cathartic and freeing. It was literally written from deep within the shadow during nearly impossible times. Isolation, depression, addiction, chaos, burned bridges, health failures, and strangely, perseverance and the resilience of the inner witness. So in many ways, it's an invocation of protection and spiritual weaponry at a time when it was greatly needed.

Jon: Steve had amassed a treasure trove of guitar parts that he would send me daily. A lot of slow dirges with some faster hardcore-inspired stuff mixed in. That inspired the new direction for this record. We knew it was going to be a pretty big change ditching all the electronic production stuff we had done on our other records but when you listen to a song like 'Bridge Burner' off of the last album, you can see the direction we were heading. 

After an experimental intro, At the edge of it all, we have the opener, The die is cast, with hypnotic riffs and vocals, in between Alice in Chains and Nevermore, to my ears. Very interesting is the relaxing coda at 2.55, something you don't expect. The following track Killer of the Doubt is more uptempo, with a fantastic rhythm section, inspired guitars and very catchy and melodic vocals. Check out the killer bass lines at 3.30 and the sabbath mood at 5.00. Icy Underground features the usual inspired riffs (both guitars and bass) and a slower pace but very intense, hypnotic and atmospherical.

I like the lighter and grunge mood of Arjuna's hunting hand, with super cool bass lines and an amazing vocal performance. This is probably my favourite song if I have to choose one, because it reminds me of Pearl Jam, in some ways. Speaking of grunge we have Lowdown Animal, and Burrowing Down the Spine, great tracks with killer riffs. Tide turns red and Pin Prick features fantastic drumming and a more straightforward attitude (they are the shortest tracks on the album) with some Mike Patton influence. Immovable, instead, is the longest track on the album (almost 9 minutes) and it's very Sabbath. I love the vocal part at 2.50, absolutely spot on, and the riff at 5.13 (what a sound!). Hammer Come Down closes the album with the usual fantastic guitar/bass combo, energetic and catchy vocals and superb drumming. 

I really like the variety on the album, amazingly written and arranged by the band, with killer songs, different moods and a fantastic individual performance by the guys in the band. A quality release, with quality artwork too. Give Veil Lifter a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK on social media.


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