Queen - Worst to Best

Today we talk about the band comprised of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor. Ladies and gentlemen, Queen

Here is my personal worst to best. Let's go!

Hot Space (1982)
Freddie Mercury was basically living in disco clubs in Germany and the result is this questionable sort of disco album, with even the other members of the band not really happy. There are a few good songs anyway (who said Under Pressure?) but the album is the worst of their career for myself and for the majority of Queen's fans.
Top Track: Under pressure

Queen II (1974)
I'm not a big fan of the second chapter of the band's career. It's not so different from the first one in terms of style (you will see it scrolling) and the band is also trying some other things they will be famous for in the future. Lots of things are interesting but for some reason, it never really gripped me.
Top tracks: White Queen, Ogre Battle.

A Day at the Races (1976)
For the first time, the band produced themself but, apart from some great songs (see below), the sequel of A Night at the Opera is not nearly close to the level of its predecessor. Brian May wrote a song in Japanese and maybe we would have lived the same (or better) without it.
Top tracks: Tie Your Mother Down, Somebody to Love.

Jazz (1978)
Freddie sings random words in Mustapha and Jazz is overall a strange hybrid of very cool songs (the first part of the album + Don't Stop Me Now, one of the most popular by the band) and songs we don't want to listen to anymore.
Top tracks: Fat Bottomed Girls, Bicycle Race, Don't Stop Me Now.

Queen (1973)
This is a very interesting debut album, energetic and with lots of personality. I even like the sound, even if it's a little rough. If you know Queen only from the Greatest Hits albums you probably won't be able to recognize the band.
Top tracks: Keep Yourself Alive, Doin' Alright, Liar.

The Game (1980)
Queen moved to Munich and they look and sound different, a little pop, a little rock a little disco-funky, rockabilly and with some synths too. There is a lot inside this album but they kept it short this time so there are no tracks we want to skip and the album is overall enjoyable from start to finish, despite the ugly cover. Maybe they took that photo after a sleepless night.
Top Tracks: Crazy Little Thing called love, Another One Bites The Dust, Save Me.

The works (1984)
Freddie stops his crazy nights in Germany and Brian brings Queen back to rock, finally. Roger Taylor looks beautiful in the video I Want to Break Free and the band is (almost) ready for the last part of their career, including the famous performance at Live Aid, one year after this release.
Top tracks: Hammer to Fall, I Want to Break Free, Is This the World We Created?

The Miracle (1989)
Freddie discovered his condition but he still wanted to make music. I really liked the cover when I was a kid but now I have another opinion. Also, they took the idea from the Iron Maiden single, The Clairvoyant. The Miracle is overall a good album, with lots of great songs but also some anonymous ones too. 
Top tracks: The Miracle, I Want It All, Breakthru.

Innuendo (1991)
The rumors of Freddie's illness are becoming more insistent, and he is struggling to get out of bed, but he wanted to leave us with some masterpieces like the title track and above all The Show Must Go On, perhaps the most emotional song in Queen's entire discography, which for me ends with track 12 of this album. 
Top tracks: Innuendo, The Show Must Go On.

News of the World (1977)
After A Day at the Races, the band was criticized for becoming boring (I agree), so they changed gear and came up with a fresh sound with immortal songs like We Are the Champions and We Will Rock You. Also with other songs we don't really love but overall this is a great album.
Top tracks: We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Spread Your Wings.

Sheer Heart Attack (1974)
Once upon a time, being a musician was a serious and hard job, this is Queen's second album in 1974, not like all today's bands waiting for years and years to release a record you forget in 2 months. Sheer Heart Attack is the basis for the band's future, a middle ground between the first two albums and those to come. Personally, this is one of my favourites, a very original one.
Top tracks: Stone Cold Crazy, Killer Queen and the trilogy (if you know the album you know the songs)/

A Kind of Magic (1986)
This album is a hybrid between a traditional album and a soundtrack, as almost all the tracks are part of the film Highlander. A Kind of Magic is a great, great album, very inspired and one of their best, even if they were accused of making plastic rock. This could be even true too, but who cares if you have songs like Who Wants to Live Forever and One Vision?
Top tracks: Who Wants to Live Forever, One Vision, Princes of the Universe.

A Night at the Opera (1975)
Only a year after Sheer heart attack the band released A Night at the Opera. Can you imagine what would mean to record Bohemian Rhapsody and the Prophet's song in 1975 with all those vocals layers? Also, Bohemian Rhapsody is the song of the century and this a great album, personal, ahead of time, various, enjoyable from start to finish, and with tons of class.
Top tracks: Bohemian Rhapsody, Death on Two Legs, Love of My Life.

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