Ratchet Dolls - Loud! Loud! Loud! (Official Music Video)

RATCHET DOLLS is a South Texas hard rock band influenced by 70s/80s rock & roll, heavy metal, and a fatal dose of punk.
The band have established themselves as one of the top developing rock artists in the US by travelling extensively and performing on major venues and festivals. Their new single, Loud! Loud! Loud!, was released on April 26. Their long-awaited album - "BRING THE NOIZE" - is set for release this Summer 2024 and will be backed by a full U.S. Tour.

I love the video, pure fun, the band's performance and the mood of the song, pure Rock n' roll and no frills. Loud! Loud! Loud! is something in between Motley Crue and Skid Row, to my ears. The song features super catchy vocals and a punchy production, perfect for the genre. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player and remember to follow RATCHET DOLLS on social media.

Giovanni Gagliano

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