The Butchers - Never Give Up

In 2011, András Hushegyi created The Butchers, a blues rock cover band based in Šamorín, Slovakia. In May 2020, they released WOUNDS, a heavier-sounding EP. In January 2021, the band will release a second EP, HOPE, with additional classic rock tunes.

In June 2023, the band entered the studio with new members and a lot of excitement to record eight new songs that will be released as singles. The new tracks are in the style of heavy, stoner rock with some Eastern European crazy energy. The band members are András Hushegyi János Hushegyi Csizmadia Zoltán. Brunczlik Krisztián. 

This is their new single, called Never Give Up. Both video and song are quality, with inspired riffs, and solid drumming and a simple but effective arrangement. I like the contrast between the verses, very melodic and the aggressive chorus (super catchy vocals). This is a very cool song, with a superb solo section as well and overall amazingly performed by the band. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player above and remember to follow The Butchers as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

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