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The Dead List is a 5 piece groove metal from Staffordshire, UK. The band formed in 2022 and rapidly made a mark on the metal scene in Staffordshire and the neighbouring areas. The band's music, known for its deafening barrage of crushing guitar riffs, unrelenting melodies, rhythm section, and powerful varied vocals, is turning heads and earning new fans on a regular basis.

In a sea of oversaturated metal bands, The Dead List breathe fresh life into the genre with intricate and intriguing songs that address issues such as criminality, mental health, and drug misuse. The highly anticipated five-track EP is set for self-release via digital and traditional media in Summer 2024, with lead song "First" available now.

I love the heavy riff at the beginning of the song and the vocals, punchy but melodic at the same time. The song is very enjoyable, with a strong hook and overall amazingly performed by the band. The sound is also perfect for the genre. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow The Dead List on social media.

The band:
Mick Hatton - Vocals 
Leigh Gittus - Guitar/Vocals 
Sam Wilkins - Guitar 
Gaz Morgan - Bass 
Az Grant - Drums

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