Vilhelm Buchaus - Snow In The Summer

Vilhelm Buchaus releases the new track "Snow In The Summer" which offers a preview into his impending debut EP. The song dives into themes of loneliness and reflection while exploring a gritty sound.

Buchaus describes "Snow In The Summer" as his most frank and sensitive work yet, reflecting on the difficulties of finding his place in the world while dealing with unanswered questions and vanishing hopes. The song will be on his first EP, which will be released this autumn via the German label Guesstimate.

The song features super catchy vocals and a great rhythm section, extremely dynamic. Both video and song are quality, very enjoyable from start to finish and the production is just perfect for the song. A very cool one, give "Snow In The Summer" a go by clicking on the YouTube player above and remember to follow Vilhelm Buchaus on social media.

Giovanni Gagliano

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