Anvil - “One and Only” (2024)

How can you not love Anvil? The most straightforward, predictable and down to earth band ever? "One and Only" is the band's 20th album and yes, it's exactly how you expect it to be.

Steve "Lips" Kudlow (vocals and guitar) and Robb Reiner (drums) have been working together since 1973, while bassist Chris Robertson has been with the band for a decade. Honestly, I had no expectations at all for “One and Only” as I didn't like at all the singles, to me the worst songs on the album. I find the chorus of Feed your Fantasy (click for the official video) very repetitive and Truth is Dying not very inspired (and with the riff from The Man on The Silver Mountain by Rainbow)

I love the production, punchy and perfect for their music and, of course, the music. Not all the songs, but a good number.  The opener/title track, with the usual spirit by the Canadian band, and I love some uptempo tracks like Fight for Your Rights (no, it's not the song you think) and Dead Man Shoes,  which could be Motorhead songs, Gold and Diamonds, with pure old school Heavy metal riffs, and with Judas Priest vibes. Great lyrics, very honest and straightforward for Rocking the World, while Heartbroken is almost Black Sabbath in terms of mood and riffs and Run Away has some Whitesnake vibes and amazing solos.

Overall I find "One and Only" a good album, even if with a few songs to skip (a couple towards the end as well, apart from the two singles). Long live Anvil.

Rating: 65/100
Top tracks: Dead Man Shoes, Fight for Your Rights, Gold and Diamonds.
Skip tracks: Feed your Fantasy, Truth is dying.
Giovanni Gagliano

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