Baby Said - Who Gives A Rock EP

Veronica and Jess Pal's musical career began early, and their formation as Baby Said was sparked by a summer of busking in 2021. Their brilliance was rapidly recognised, and they were invited to perform in local places. In just two years, they've played over 200 shows nationwide, gaining confidence and abilities to follow their dream of composing, recording, and distributing their original songs. 

They announced a partnership with Big Hug Management in March 2023, marking a huge milestone in their career. The sisters picked the name "Baby Said," inspired by their favourite song by their beloved band, Måneskin. Holly Knowles (rhythm and BV's) and Maddie Hackett (drums) round out the band's lineup.

Who Gives A Rock comprises 4 songs for almost 10 minutes of music. The opener Panic Attack starts with a groovy bass line and with soft vocals. The song gets more intense exploding in a pop-punk chorus, very catchy. The following Mouth Shut is a little more upbeat and features catchy guitar riffs, and another very catchy pop-punk chorus, very groovy and with a perfect production for the genre. You Killed It reminds me of something from Skunk Anansie, with peculiar and very well-performed vocals and a great rhythm section. This is probably my favourite song on the EP if I have to choose one. 

The last track is called Fight, with an energetic catchy riff, pure rock, and a super fast and groovy chorus. Another very cool track for a very enjoyable EP, amazingly performed, straightforward, and with the right sound for the genre. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and remember to follow Baby Said on social media.

The band is already producing its all-new first album (coming in September) and has many UK festival appearances lined up for a busy summer. Following a support tour with US rockers Dirty Honey and an official performance at A Great Escape, the band has been announced for Reading & Leeds, Victorious, Rebellion, Live At Leeds, Twisterella, and Loud Women festivals.


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