BIRD'S VIEW - Vienna (Official Music Video)

Since their first album "Red Light Habits" in the summer of 2023, Bird's View's journey has been marked by irrepressible forward momentum. Every event is an electrifying combination of feverish rhythms, crazy guitar riffs, and primal movement. They captivate their audience from the first to the last beat with an expression evocative of the greatest days of grunge. After playing with bands such as Soulfly, Skid Row, and Dirty Honey, they have been labelled "one of the best young rock bands in Germany" Their music is a chaotic combination of driving rhythms, slashing guitar riffs, and appealing choruses.

The band stated about their new single: "Vienna describes the curse and the blessing of being available and connected all the time. The song was written during 2 off days in Vienna between 2 tours". I love the grunge mood (the guitars are sharp like razors during the chorus!) and the song's catchiness, very Foo Fighters to my ears, with melodic verses and a brilliant rhythm section. The song is quality from every point of view, including the production, perfect for the genre. Give it a go on the video above (very enjoyable too) and follow Bird's View on social media.
Giovanni Gagliano

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